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What's the Difference between Food Grade and Non-Food Grade Enclosures?

When it comes to food enclosures in Australia, things are changing fast. Legislation and design features that have already been implemented in Europe will most likely be introduced in Australia over the coming years. Investing in the right food and beverage enclosures will save you time, money and future-proof your business when the new legislation is enforced.

Scientific and technological advancements in the Food and Beverage industry have exposed hygiene risks and design flaws that can be avoided. Food Grade Enclosures have been made with this new information in mind and are designed to streamline operations as well as comply with the latest legislation.

So what features do you need to look for when selecting food and beverage enclosures? And what exactly makes Food Grade Enclosures better than their Non Food Grade counterparts?


Food Grade Vs Non Food Grade

Food Grade vs Non-Food Grade PDF