Times are changing, and the Australian Food Industry is facing a big shakeup.

Europe recently introduced new health and safety standards that are reshaping the way food is prepared, made and stored. Here are some key takeaways that we found interesting:

  • The most common grade of stainless steel used in industrial kitchens is 316 grade by 300 grain. This is being replaced with more favourable 304 grade with 400 grain. The new steel is smoother, meaning less food gets trapped at a microscopic level.

  • Traditional flat roofs used on common Australian enclosures are being phased out for sloped roofs. These allow for efficient cleaning and mitigates the chance of contaminants building up in these hard to reach areas.

  • The use of new door seals made out of blue silicone that are simple to maintain and can be replaced when worn is a new feature that is beginning to become standard. Seals from the past frequently wear out, but are non-replaceable, meaning a whole enclosure door would have to be purchased. Additionally blue seals make it easy to identify any nasty food residue. 


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